Aug 23, 2009

जुनिता सम्बाहाम्फे

प्रथम लिम्बु महिला सगरमाथा आरोही जुनिता सम्बाहाम्फे हाल किर्तीपुरमा स्नातकोत्तर तहमा अध्यायनरत छिन् । उनले सन २००९ मे १९ तारिखका दिन सगरमाथा सफल आरोहण गरेकी हुन् । हाल अध्यायनको क्रमसँगै सेभेन समीटको लागि तयारीमा जुटि रहेकी छिन् । भिडियो वार्ता


Ashirwad said...

Junita lunga congertulation and keep it up wish you all the best.

lilimhang said...

Juneta Sam.
Viewing your profile in this site and hearing your success over mount everest(chhenjenlung), I become so happy, appreciate you as a bravest person among sangbangphe dynasty as well as the Limbu community. I pray the god menni mang, mendhamang, sekkhamang, super nature power Tagera ningwabhoo mang may bless you to your all steps.

The steps whatever you joined certainly it will inspire to comming generation. So keep on forever as far as your best. Love you.

Yours grandfather
Chhabi Sangbangphe, Lilimhang